Danny Tsun’s JOHNNIE B GOOD tribute to keyboard legend JOHNNIE JOHNSON

By Georgina Reed

Saturday 11 July 2020 – 9pm EST Sydney Australia.
Live stream from
Live stream by

Danny Tsun – keys, Rex Goh – guitar, Rosscoe Clark – drums, Harry Brus – bass.
Vocals: Pat Powell, Pearl Noire.

What grabbed me most about this 2+ hour live stream was how much heart and soul Danny Tsun (The Tsunami from Sydney) poured into every song.

Danny began his love of the blues when he saw Johnny Johnson at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle (Sydney) when he was just 16. 

A couple of years later he travelled to the USA where he met Johnnie, but as fate would have it, he never got to jam with his blues idol, not for want of trying.

Fast forward to 2020 and due to his avid love of Johnson’s music, Danny decided to produce a tribute show to celebrate the life and music of his hero.

Whether playing Rock’n’Roll or the Blues, Danny’s chops are as authentic as any of the great blues masters of yesteryear.

It’s obvious that he has spent many long hours perfecting the riffs, chords and progressions of each and every track selected for this exceptional showcase, with each song revealing more sides of his special talent.

Both featured singers, Pat Powell and Pearl Noire brought their individual vocal prowess to the many well-known rock and blues numbers included in the tribute, with Pat featuring in the first set and Pearl in the second.

Rex Goh was given the opportunity to shine during his glorious guitar solo’s, Rosscoe Clark maintained faultless rhythms behind every selection, while Harry Brus added authenticity with his robust basslines laid down throughout the impressive Johnnie Johnson repertoire.

The band visuals were well captured for the live stream under restrictive and limiting conditions. The skilled camera work focussed in as each musician strutted their stuff, allowing the viewer to feel the intensity of the performance.

Often at gigs there is so much going on, it’s difficult to absorb everything that is happening, but with this event, Danny ensured there was enough space for each musician to feature.  His impressive timing never faltered for the two-plus hours of this live stream concert, supported by the enthusiastic audience of blues devotees.

With the ability to inject the thrill of rock’s rampant energy and the emotion of a sweet 12-bar blues, Danny Tsun’s playing is inspired.

A remarkable achievement for his first effort performing this worthy tribute to his hero, Johnnie Johnson. 

If you love the blues, don’t miss the opportunity to see Danny Tsun playing a gig near you or streaming online.

Captures from the live stream of the Johnnie B Good tribute.

Danny Tsun, all smiles at the end of the show!


2 responses to “Danny Tsun’s JOHNNIE B GOOD tribute to keyboard legend JOHNNIE JOHNSON

  1. Danny is a very talented and uniquely gifted young man.


  2. Peter Vickers-March

    Georgina Reed, I agree with your review. It was a very special show and the two hours just slipped by as we were seriously entertained by Danny and the band. Sydney should be proud of all the artists from this great show and support live music. Music is the soul of life and lifts our dulled senses in difficult times. Peter March.


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